Friday, 26 February 2010

Friday Freebie..

Whooo-hooo!!! It's Friday!!!
Which can only mean one thing...SJ has another Little Musings freebie for everyone to play with!

This week the oh-so-cute Charlie has come along to play - he's a definite must-have for anyone who may ever craft about/for small boys...they do after all have a tendency to get very filthy, very quickly...

That bottle of sherry behind li'l Horror?
It was for cooking purposes.
It was probably sherry chocolate cake we were makin' or somethin'...ahem...

If you haven't grabbed Charlie already, hop on over here...and don't forget to say thanks to SJ for him!

See ya laters!

Thursday, 25 February 2010


Mornin' all, hope today's starting off a good 'un for ya :D
It's Thursday!!! So that means we have a brand new challenge over at CCT

We've gone Ribbontastic over there this week and I figured that rather than go all girly, I'd go for a boys card with ribbon, somethin' different ya know?
No really, I did - it's not because my "flowers are weird" thing has now become a "flowers and ribbon are weird" thing...
not at all...

Not convinced? Luckily the rest of the DT aren't as freaky as me and have made some truly gorgeous ribbony samples for you all - go take a peek!


Wednesday, 24 February 2010

A stitch (and not a whole lot else)...

Mornin' all...
I thought I'd join in with the Stamp With Fun "Stitch" challenge and came up with this:

Not an embellie to be seen peeps - I love it!!!!!
Although it does appear I took the challenge a bit too literally, I'm sure it doesn't say do nothing but stitch!
I'll catch you all tomorrow with my CCT card - for those of you who've just recoiled in horror at the above non-embellied card, you'll be pleased to hear tomorrow's has a grand total of two embellies...oh yes, I really went to town on that one...


Tuesday, 23 February 2010

A li'l bit of Stampavie scrummines...

As promised, here are the last two piccies of Stampavie makes that were at CHA.

This li'l fella... my absolute favourite of favourites! (but I think I already told you that a few days ago!)

I got in serious amounts of trouble when the Horrors' saw this card:

Because the colours were just so wrong...
So here's the li'l Horrors version, which is of course, so right...

Have a good day peeps!

Monday, 22 February 2010

Lots to waffle on about today... where shall I start?

'Kay, first up this li'l bundle of gorgeousness is on it's way to...


Look what you can do on Random org - make lists and then randomize them - how cool is that? (yeah I know, small things and small minds...)

List Randomizer

There were 34 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
1. Angela
Timestamp: 2010-02-22 09:26:19 UTC

If you can send me your addy Angela sweets, I'll get some Contrariness sent your way :D

Everyone else still with me? Or did ya just come to see if your name came top of the (genius thing known as a) Random list?
(Yes, there is a possibility that I will spend my whole entire day making lists then pressing the li'l button - could be a good way to decide what to cook for dinner every night...)

So those who are still with me, here's my card for this weeks Magnolia Down Under challenge:

Hmmmmm, was about to say this card isn't anywhere near as squiffy in real life as it looks in this pic, but I think it actually is...
More scrummy new MME releases - this is "Quite Contrary" Little Boy Blue
(no maybe I love this too much about this one - I definitely, absolutely do. I highly reccomend you go buy as much of the stuff as you can from Tracy before it all becomes

Two reasons why I had to join in with this challenge - firstly had never, ever made an easel card before (bit slow on the uptake with that one) and second (must whisper this bit cos it shouts of my slumminess) I still had all the bits on my desk from making my (very similar) CCT card for this weeks Metal Mania challenge - made over a week ago, not the best at tidying away, me...

Errrrrr, what else?
The last of my CHA samples are over on the Stampavie blog today if you wanna looksie - this is already a hideously long post, you're bound to be as bored as I am reading it all, so I'll blog those piccies on here t'morrow...

Happy Monday,

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Something completely different...

So while the Horror's are out enjoying their last day of Half term freedom (am gonna have to give them a serious scrub-down tonight ready for school tomorrow - don't think the wretched creatures have seen a bar of soap all week...), I mooched around blogland for a challenge.
Hmmmmmm, I thought, spying the new Anyone For Anya challenge, something completely different...

Schtuff used:
Miss Anya Dressy
MME "Quite Contrary" Mary Mary papers (is possible I love these a li'l bit too much)
Horrid, nasty Flowers and lovely, gorgeous Buttons

Look what I did!!!! There's a big ol' pile of flowers on there - could I get any more different??!! Obviously I think it'd look a whole lot better without them, but blah...

Soooooooo, shall we have a li'l giveaway?
Yeah, lets :D

Mmmmmmm, MME at it's Contrary best ;D

Ya know how it works - if you fancy this sweet li'l bundle of Quite Contrariness lemme know in the comments bit...if more than one person decides they'd like it I'll use that randomness fingy to pick a number in the morning...

Catch ya later,

Saturday, 20 February 2010

See ya Later...

I love this stamp.
No like, really.
The li'l Horror does too - I keep finding little bits of paper with different coloured versions of it all over the house...

papers and schtuff are from the new MME Li'l Robots collection - all available from Dies to Dies For.
Pretty sure you'll be able to get Skater Dude here, from there too - feel free to go nag Tracy about him (just don't tell her I told you to...)

I'm rather excited to be able to say that he'll be available very, very soon - all the new Stampavie releases should start appearing in stores in the next coupl'a weeks.
How fabbytastic is that??!!
If this dude ends up in your collection please lemme know...I wanna come make sure you're looking after him properly...

Soooooo, I'm entering this li'l chap into the Crafty Creations "Stitching" challenge and the Allsorts "Tag, Ticket or Label" challenge - love sentiments tucked into the pp like little "clothes labels" like I've done here, so cute!

Think that's it from me today,
see ya later!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Metal Mania...

It's Thursday peeps - head on over here for the latest, brand-spankin' new CCT challenge
(I liked this challenge, can ya tell much?)

How old is this li'l Edwin? I found him lookin' all sad and just had to use him - c'mon, look how cute he is!

More of the yummity-scrummity new MME papers...
(I'm thinking I may need to stockpile some of these - not that I do that, of's not me who causes paper shortages by hoarding...)

Catch y'all t'morrow...

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Not just one card...

...but two!!!!
First though, I have to show you what the gorgeous SJ did for me...

It's the Horror's as Little Musings'! Isn't it just the best?!
If only they looked that looked that angelic and happy to be together in real life...

'kay, so cards...
I couldn't resist digging out some of that paper when I saw the latest Papertake challenge - in fact, it may actually have been a crime if I hadn't...

...and then I made another one...

I love this paper too!
*eeeeek, just realised tomorrow's card uses it too...oh well ;D*
Lots of the yummity-scrumity new MME papers are now in stock over at Dies to Die For (as is My Guy Ian), I'm still trying to decide which is my fave of their CHA releases...possibly it's all of 'em...
Apologies for not getting round to visit everyone - the Horror's seem to expect me to spend time with them when they're not at school... ;D
Have a good day all,

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Dontcha just hate it when you can't think of a suitably witty title post?

Heya all :D
I have no cards that I can show you just yet, but you're all so nice n' lovely comin' over here to visit, I thought I'd treat (snort) you all to some of my li'l doodles...
These are of my nieces - they were happy to sit for an age while I drew them and were seriously disappointed when after 5 minutes I told them I was done.
The Horrors? Can't even sit still for 2 minutes...

I'll see ya'll tomorrow - hopefully with a card to show! Better not promise though, I've a sneaky suspicion we'll be down that footie pitch again this afternoon...

Monday, 15 February 2010

So you have the biggest, baddest flower phobia in blog-land...

...doesn't it just make perfect sense to dig out the biggest, baddest flower you can find and stick it to a card?
No...I didn't think so either...

Ouch - check out that dodgy stitchin'...actually no, please don't... ;D

This gorgeous li'l Pixie-Girlie can be found over at Dies to Die For here, along with a seriously big n' bad selection of flowers here
*snort* I meant that in the nicest possible way Tracy - honest!

Happy Monday,

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Hey Gorjuss...

I needed to make a quick little card and dug out this gorgeous Gorjuss Girl to help me along...

Aaaaaw, isn't she pretty :D
I noticed the Crafty Catz challenge for this week is "Buttons and Bows" and thought I'd add a bow to my button so I could join in - unfortunately my dodgy camera skills mean it's really hard to see my bow n' button - duh!!!
'nother speedy post sorry - I've just been informed we're heading over to the footie pitch to practise "super-long, champion goal kicks" - can't think of anything I'd rather do on a freezy Sunday morning...

Catch y'all later,

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Love bugs...

Howdy all :D
Thought I'd use this weeks Just Magnolia "Love" challenge as an excuse to colour in these two funny-bugs - dontcha just love 'em?!

More scrummy-yummy Love Bandit papers...

I have plans to fill the bag with goodies and hand it over to my littlest niece for Valentines :D
Apologies for the speedy post - hopefully all will be back to normal very soon (although eeeeek! Half Term next week, so maybe not!).
A quick reminder to you all to pop in on SJ's party this weekend - there's another free digi available to all today and the chance to win a truly beautiful painting of hers - I want it!!!!
Have a good 'un all,

Friday, 12 February 2010

There's a party goin' on right here...

...well it's there actually - everyone's invited!

I'll see ya over there!

It's a dino-tastic kinda day...

As you know peeps, we live in Wales - land of myths, magic and maybe a dino or two...
You didn't know that? Well it's true...

See? Now d'ya believe me?

So what does every good dino-spotter need?
A dino-spotters notebook of course...

Heehee - you can grab you very own Little Musing's Finn right now for free - yep, he's this weeks Friday Freebie and you can get him in an outline version now too, so you can colour him in all by yourself!

Happy dino hunting...

**No dinosaurs were harmed in the writing of this blog post.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

We gotta love thang goin' on...

...over at CCT this week and I just had to ink up this gorgeous li'l girlie (fanks Dawnie!)...

These gorgeous papers (new obsession perhaps?) can be found right about here at Dies to Die For - very scrum!

It's a post n' run (well, not actually run - me? As if...) from me today I'm afraid, I have 4 million and 2 things to do. Oh no, I just blogged so it's only 4 million and 1...

See y'all t'morrow!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

I must apologise peeps...

...y'see I really hadn't intended to make you suffer yet another card with that paper on today (I've tried to make it up to you by using one of the new Sarah Kay images), but yesterday I stumbled across this challenge blog. I had to make this card!
Lemme explain...

One of the reasons I'm soooooo happy to be a part of Stampavie is the fact that as a child I loved Sarah Kay - I even had Sarah Kay wallpaper in my bedroom. And pink gingham curtains...See where I'm going with this? The Moving Along With the Times theme for this week is "Childhood Memories" and every day until 1988 I woke up to Sarah Kay and pink gingham (what happened in 1988 is another story**...)

So there's my childhood memory card - it makes me smile :D Thanks to all over at MAWTT for the fabby inspiration!


**Another story... 1988 was the year my brother got a Boglin. Anyone remember them? If not have a looksie here... Pretty vile lookin' yeah? Trust me, the reality of them was even worse - they were made of the most disgusting feeling slimy rubber you could ever imagine and had eyes that glowed in the dark. I can't even begin to describe the nastiness of them. The arrival of that Boglin into our family stopped Sarah Kay and pink gingham being the first thing I saw every brother found it utterly hilarious to place the evil creature on my pillow every night. Right in front of my face. So that when I woke up I was staring right into it's glowing-eyed, revolting face. Some of you know that nowadays I'm a troubled insomniac.
Is it any freakin' wonder?

A quick n easy "how-to"...

I had a few emails asking how yesterdays Sarah Kay card was made, so here's a quick li'l picture "how-to"... I am not claiming to be the "inventor" of this card style (before you start any abusive emailing!), I'm just showing how I made it. Mine is a 6inx6in finished card, but it's easy to adjust to get the size you want.
So here goes...

Start off with 2 pieces of 12inx6in card - this will make your card base.
We'll be splitting into 2 camps for the remainder of these instructions - the "I love my scoring board" camp (you'll be green) and the "I'm basically just a bodger" camp (you'll be red). No prizes will be awarded for guessing which camp I reside in...

"I love my scoring board" camp:
Skip on over to the next step...

"I'm basically just a bodger" camp:
Fold both pieces of card in half...

"I love my scoring board" camp:
Score both pieces of card at 3in and 6in on the long side.
Fold as shown in pics (use your bone folder - you know you like perfect creases)

"I'm basically just a bodger" camp:
Fold the front bit in half.
Like in the pics.
Nah, don't bother with your bone folder, just use your nail...

"I love my scoring board" camp:
You're now going to attatch the two pieces together to make one card.
Apply your chosen adhesive to one of the cards - you need it on one of the unfolded 6inx6in pieces because these are the bits that will be stuck together.
Make sure you line them up perfectly before you actually stick 'em - wouldn't it be awful to bodge it now?

"I'm basically just a bodger" camp:
See how the two pieces are stuck together in the pic to make one 6x6 fancy-lookin' gatefold card?
Do that.

And yay!!! you have your card - was simples, yes?
Now all you have to do is decorate and embellish it beautifully - let me know if ya make one :D