Sunday, 29 November 2009

Eeeeeeek - it's how many sleeps til Christmas??!!

Decided to totally challenge myself with this weeks Passion for PROMarkers challenge...vintage and a Tilda? Eeeeeek!!!!

PROMarkers and Magnolias can be purchased from the shockingly lovely Tracy over here at

Have to admit I'm kinda likin' the ol' Magnolias again...I already have a couple more lined up :)
Ooooooh and that swirly stamp you can see?..*swoon*...I bought it a few days ago and we're currently in complete and utter love. I'll keep you all regularly updated on the progress of our relationship ;)

Happy Sunday all,

Saturday, 28 November 2009

And that Random org. thingy chose number...

which means one li'l bit of sweetness is on it's way to the very gorgeous Dawnie Pink (who I just remembered I'm meant to have emailed - sorry babes, I'm still searching for some!) .
Thanks everyone for entering and your lovely comments, I'm sure I'll have some more sweeties for you all very soon!
Happy saturday!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

A li'l giveaway...

ETA: To answer a coupla questions - if you don't have a blog to link up just link back to mine and make sure you add your full name so that I can find you if you win. And yes, of course the winner can have my card too :)

...I think this is my favourite Sarah Kay image...well, today anyways!

Click on the pic if you want to see a bit more detail peeps, for some reason it's turned teeny!

I teamed her up with some yummy ol' Cosmo Cricket and piled on some embellies. I couldn't resist making another little pillow box to match!

I have one of these Sarah Kay Spring Blossoms stamps to give away - a little thank you from me for putting up with my erratic blogging over the past few weeks! Just leave your name and blog addy with mr. Linky below and I'll pick a number at 8pm on Friday :)

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, 20 November 2009

So it turns out I don't have man flu...

...I know this cos the Pigster was kind enough to leave me a li'l symptom checklist - it's in the comments section of yesterdays post if you fancy a giggle ;)

Had a little play today...I've been informed that Christmas is approaching and thought I'd better crack on with some suitably festive makes...

So here's a li'l card/candle combo with - eeeeeeek! - an actual, real Magnolia image on it. Still not really sure what my problem is with these stamps at the mo, but I figured that since I have so many of them I 'd better use at least one for sumfin'...

These candles are likely to pop up with some regularity - I found them in Poundland and they actually smell nicer even than Yankee candles...Yeah, that good. This particular one is cinnamon cos the colour matched the pp!

Happy Friday all,

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Teenage dreams in a teenage circus...

...we wanna see your "Teen Terrors" over at CCT this week, hence the bit of Mika in the title!

I could not decide which stamp to go with for this challenge (long time since I was a teen!), so took the advice of a 14 year old neighbour. This Anya is apparently "...really kinda like retro funky cool. Ya know?"

Yeah. Innit...

You can get your very own set of retro funky cool Miss Anya's from Tracy here :)

Talk to you soon peeps!

I've been feeling kinda yucky for the past few days. No worries though, I figured it was just a bit of a cold that'd soon go away. However, after several days of Lemsip and going to bed early with hot water bottles, I'm still feeling pretty awful...I think I must have that terrible thing known as man flu...

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The day PaperMania won me over...

I have never really liked PaperMania products...I've always thought the card blanks are overpriced...the sticker things are yucky...I'm not even gonna start on the rub-ons...

But I've spent the past few days playing with some bits from their new Bare Basics range and I've gotta say I love 'em... They accidently fell in my basket when I was over here at Cutting Edge Crafts buying some bits n pieces (from now on I will only ever use these scissors, cute or what?!).

This little dude was made with one of the pillow box bases for the Crafty Angels "Anything but a Card" challenge:

Thanks for the inspiration girls!

I'm now in the midst of getting painty with one of these frames and I'm having myself some seriously good PaperMania fun...never thought I'd be writing that...


Those mini candy canes appear to be strangely addictive...on Monday I bought 80 of the things...I now have about 20 left...just think of all the small children's teeth I'm saving by eating them myself though...really, my not sharing is a good thing... ;)

Monday, 16 November 2009

Not another damn frog...

...I know I've kissed my fair share ;)

It seems like an age since I joined in with any challenges and as soon as I saw the latest Anyone for Anya "Getting round to it"challenge I knew exactly what I wanted to do - spotty, dotty paper and this darling li'l princess :)

Princess Ava is in stock at Dies to Die For - run and buy her cos she's gorgeous!!!

Thanks for the challenge inspiration girlies!


It's challenge time...

...over at Stampavie and for this one we're creating a scene (yeah, nothing new there for me!).

I've used the scrummy li'l Penguin and Tree from the Gillian Roberts Christmas range and a fence stamp I found neglected in my stash (think it's a Magnolia one).

You can see the other DT's yummy examples and get the deets for the challenge here - don't forget there's a secret prize on offer :)


Penguin and Tree and the delish MME Colourful Christmas papers are on sale at Dies to Die For - do check out todays offers while you're there!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

A big, big, biggest thank you... everyone for the lovely comments and emails I've received over the past few weeks - you really are all fantabulous :)

However, I've really come along to share this li'l cutie with you:

He'll be hitting all the bestest stamp shops (alongside some of his very sweet friends) very, very soon.

And no, I couldn't resist that shockingly bad sentiment... ;)


Wednesday, 4 November 2009

A li'l explanation...

...for my prolonged absence...

As most of you know, apart from the odd one-liner from the Horror's that I share, this blog is pretty much all about craft. I don't usually share 'real life' on here 'cos I'm sure you all get as sick of 'real life' as I do...I figure it's way more fun to aahhh over pretty paper and giggle over the nuttiness of my children!

However, every now & then something happens that you feel you must share, as much to explain to all your incredibly wonderful blog buddies as anything else. Because I have had some truly caring messages this week checking that I'm OK and it's really...humbling almost to know that people care.

Last week my beautiful Nan died. She wasn't ill a terribly long time and she had almost all of her children with her at the end. It was, for want of a better description, a 'good' death.

She was a truly inspirational woman and I know that if we'd met as peer's I would've made her be my friend - she was incredibly talented with a needle and thread, had a wicked sense of humour and her shoe obsession rivalled even mine (her collection was passed on to me around 10 years ago when she had to admit that snakeskin cone-heeled beauties circa. 1943 would look far better on me than on an 80 yr old - she took it with good grace...;))

The funeral is on Friday and I'm hoping that next week I'll have some craftiness to show you - in the mean time, those of you who took time to let me know you cared, thank you. It really did mean a lot.


The photo is Nan and the li'l Horror (when he really was li'l!). It's definitely a fave :)