Thursday, 19 November 2009

Teenage dreams in a teenage circus...

...we wanna see your "Teen Terrors" over at CCT this week, hence the bit of Mika in the title!

I could not decide which stamp to go with for this challenge (long time since I was a teen!), so took the advice of a 14 year old neighbour. This Anya is apparently "...really kinda like retro funky cool. Ya know?"

Yeah. Innit...

You can get your very own set of retro funky cool Miss Anya's from Tracy here :)

Talk to you soon peeps!

I've been feeling kinda yucky for the past few days. No worries though, I figured it was just a bit of a cold that'd soon go away. However, after several days of Lemsip and going to bed early with hot water bottles, I'm still feeling pretty awful...I think I must have that terrible thing known as man flu...


craftyb said...

Oh No....there's nuthin' worse than the dreaded man flu!! lol

Gorgeous card flu or not! bx

Nannieflash said...

Oh you poor thing I hope it isnt man flu, anyway love hope you soon feel better. The card is gorgoeus and well done take care with love and hugs Shirleyxxxxx

Lorraine A said...

Gorgeous card :-) I took the advice from my 16yr old too for my card ,,, not easy is it to know what teenages like ,,, I usually get it wrong and have vowed never to buy anything for her again !! lol :-)

Hope you feel better soon ,, ooh man flu !! dreadful ,,, :-/ !!! :-)

Thanks for having me on your team for a couple of weeks :-)
Lols x x x

Kim Piggott said...

Oh this is just adorable!
I so love to visit Leann and marvel at your amazing creations!
Hope you get better soon innit!
kim x

CraftyC said...

She's gorgeous Leann, a beautiful card. Hope you feel better soon!

Deb said...

fab card Leann, love the image, hope you are feeling better soon! hugs Debx

Dawny P said...

Beee-you-tiful me darlin xxxx Love that image - it's my fave out of that set :)xxx

Poor you re the yuk stuff chick. I don't think it's man flu babes but to make sure, do this simple checklist test -

a) have you been bedridden for at least a week?

b) have the whole family been waiting on you hand foot and finger cos you are too ill to do more than open your eyes?

c)have you been moaning and groaning and generally telling anyone who will listen how ill you are ? (this is the most common symptom)

d) are you feeling sorry for yourself?

e) do you have a slight runny nose and a bit of a cough?

If you answered no to any or all of those, then for sure it isn't man flu chick!!!

But whatever it is, I hope it beggars off soon and you feel better. Biggest squishy get well hugs hunny xxxx

Dawny P said...

Soz chick rrolfmao xxx Are you sitting by your billabong with a jolly swag man waiting for your billy to boil while you are singing babes lol xxx I know am :)))))xxxx

Dawny P said...

Ooops spot the typo - dozy pink pigster. I swear I did not do that on purpose but I meant rroflmao not rROLFmao. Rolf - geddit?

Now he knows a thing or two about billabongs and didgeridoos. Although in his case I would much rather it was a didgeridont. Bless xxxx