Friday, 9 April 2010

Your dad is Doctor...who?

The conversation went a little something like this...

big Horror: D'ya know what would be really cool?
Me: Finding out that your dad is not actually your dad, David Tennant is?
big Horror: Ye-eees...{gives me an all-too-knowing you wish kinda look}...but I was actually gonna say if you made a kids card and didn't colour the stamped bit in, but gave them some colouring pencils along with the card instead...
Me: Hmmmmmm, you didn't copyright that or anything yet, did you?

Have a fabbitastic day!


Caz said...

Fab idea....that boy is a genius.....give him a prize! saves heaps of time as you don't have to colour it yourself...LOL

Jane said...

What a smart little boy!!

bex said...

What a clever Big Horror!

My lil horror (not quite two) pointed to the TV and said "Dad" at Tim Holtz LOL


craftyb said...

And when did lil horror get so smart...? Love this fun idea....yummy papers! bx

Kylie said...

Pppffffft!! I wish I'd thought of that!...

LOL - Just kidding. Absolutely gorgeous card and idea frmo BH.

Have a fabo weekend!!

Kim Piggott said...

Oh what a fabulous idea so your card is so totally brilliant!
kim x

SallyB said...

Wow...that is a bit of a great idea, isn't it. Thanks for sharing...I love it!

secret scrapbooker said...

wow your horror is a genius....may well "borrow" the idea lol...should i pay him in sweeties for copyright?
Kate xx

Annie said...

such a smart idea - you have made a genius!
enjoy the sunshine
hugs, annie x

Sue said...

Ohh Leann what a wonderful idea!
Love it!
Sue x