Monday, 20 July 2009

Crimes against Lego...

...I found him stood next to the TV and he was just too funny not to share...poor li'l Lego Indiana...I'm especially lovin' the teeth marks - proof that someone actually bit his head off...since neither Horror has 'fessed up to the crime these teeth marks are highly useful evidence...heehee

Here's a li'l peeky of a card I just blogged over at Toodles & Binks - head on over here to see it all :)


Tracey Feeger said...

LOL that is hilarious. Thanks for sharing. Poor Indiana indeed.

Gorgeous card.

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Hee Hee....that little lego guy cracks me up!! Thanks for the smile!!

Littlebear said...

This is funny. Poor Indiana!
Just popped over to Toodles & Binks - your card is gorgeous.
Clare x

Jo (Boots the Monkey) said...

Hehehehe poor Indy !! Reminds me of that little rascal in Toy Story who removes all the heads, legs and arms from various toys and mixes them all up - at least he hasn't suffered that fate - yet !!

Your sneek peek looks fantastic. Off to Toodles to have a looksie now.


Jo x

HazelQ said...

This is funny! Thanks for sharing, poor Indy :s
Beautiful card by the way ;)

Kim Piggott said...

Oh my lord that is priceless!
kim x