Saturday, 30 August 2008


My phone's not working & my internet connection's only playing when it wants to ~ so I may not be around for a little while. Hopefully a lovely, nice BT engineer will fix it soon {even though BT are at the moment claiming all is fine & there is no fault with my phone line...}
Maybe less computer time will equal more crafting time & I'll have piles of pics for you when I get back!
Happy crafting!

Oh & those who very kindly asked about the Little Spotty Horror ~ he's absolutely fine & proudly showing off his four scabby spots to anyone who'll look!


ink'n'rubba said...

oh dear, poor you. hope the bt man can fix it but in the mean time, have a good weekend and get some ink on those stamps! annie x

Christine (Craftling) said...

Try connecting your phone directly into the socket, instead of through the Sky connector... It could be your Sky box that's causing the problem. (Has happened with me, and both BT and Sky were blaming the other.) Might not be that, but worth trying.. that's if you HAVE Sky, of course!! ;o)

Hope you get sorted soon!

Chris xx

Chrissie said...

Well I hope you have more success than I ever have with BT then Leann!
Seriously, I do hope you're back soon 'cos I just love your blog and your sense of humour always has me leaving with a smile.

Dawny P said...

hey baby he's your telephone man ...... hey nonnie nonnie lol xxx

I hope you remember that one cos otherwise you'll think I've gone completely doo lally pippers xxx

Oh and I am STILL singing that bleep bleep rose garden song - even whilst pegging out the washing yesterday - oh so very rock n roll lol xxx

Re your probs, poor you Leann - I hate it when it all goes techy belly up!!! Hope you are soon sorted chicks cos I'm missing ya already xx xxx And glad lil spotty horror is on the mend, poor dink xxxxx

All Pink girl said...

Hope you sort it all out soon babe xxxxx i hate it when i dont have mine xxxxx
glad your little man is feeling better hugs Dawnxx