Wednesday, 13 February 2008

I've just recieved this award from Andrea ~ thank you Andrea, I think your blog's rather excellent too!
Now it's my turn to pass it on & I'm giving it to Dawn & Terrie, 2 super-talented girls whose blogs I love & who always make me smile with the {sometimes daft} comments they leave me ~ girls, you're officially excellent!


traciejane said...

Congratulations Leann - well deserved :-) xx

All Pink girl said...

How Rude LOLxxxxx
thanks babe thats brilliant ,you are excellent too ,Dawnxxx

Terrie B x said...

And sooo well deserved Leann...your one super Talented Laaaady!!!! lol
Thankyou for The award!!!I acept it with pride...And thankyou for sharing your fantabulous work.......:)(((hugs))) You Cheeky Monkey!!!lolX

Shell-challenge addict said...

Having just found your blog I can understand why you were given this award,
Your work is astounding

Glitter Monkey said...

You so deserve this Mrs Fabulous xx