Wednesday, 13 February 2008

I've just recieved this award from Andrea ~ thank you Andrea, I think your blog's rather excellent too!
Now it's my turn to pass it on & I'm giving it to Dawn & Terrie, 2 super-talented girls whose blogs I love & who always make me smile with the {sometimes daft} comments they leave me ~ girls, you're officially excellent!


traciejane said...

Congratulations Leann - well deserved :-) xx

All Pink girl said...

How Rude LOLxxxxx
thanks babe thats brilliant ,you are excellent too ,Dawnxxx

Anonymous said...

And sooo well deserved Leann...your one super Talented Laaaady!!!! lol
Thankyou for The award!!!I acept it with pride...And thankyou for sharing your fantabulous work.......:)(((hugs))) You Cheeky Monkey!!!lolX

Anonymous said...

Having just found your blog I can understand why you were given this award,
Your work is astounding

Glitter Monkey said...

You so deserve this Mrs Fabulous xx