Wednesday, 12 December 2007


lovely Dawn has tagged me - i have to reveal 7 random facts about myself.

1: my middle name is actually Dawn!
2:i have 3 older brothers {yes - being the only girl & the baby of the family means i get very spoilt!}
3: i have some serious food phobias - eggs, baked beans & bananas really make me freak out. how i've ended up working with food remains a complete mystery...
4: i'm really hoping father christmas brings me a new camera - all my pics are currently being taken with my phone after an unfortunate incident involving my camera & the dogs water bowl...
5: i'm VERY clumsy {note above fact!}
6: i make the best sticky toffee pudding EVER { this is not bragging by the way - this is an actual real true fact, ok????!!}
7: i'm a complete football fan {not just in a lots of fit blokes running round in shorts kinda way} - this is probably due to the previously mentioned brothers, no-one would've bothered to talk to me when i was little if i hadn't agreed to be their goalie...

i'm now meant to tag 7 more people - as always i'm gonna cheat, anyone reading who fancies dishing some dirt on themselves - you're tagged!


All Pink girl said...

LOL ,LOL you are so funny ,LOL,
i need a pudding for christmas how are you fixed LOL,
hope you are not to cold this weather in your shorts LOL,
i sound a right nutter compered to you LOL,
thanks so much Leann ,xxxx
have a lovely christmas if i dont get round again before xxxxxDawnxxx

All Pink girl said...

Hi Leann ,if i dont get chance just wanted to wish you and your family merry christmas ,xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

loved reading yours:)leanne